Saturday, Dec 3 2022

"Muslim Support and Solidarity" from KUCSC President

"Muslim Support and Solidarity" from KUCSC President


KUCSC President, Nate Little, made an address to Muslim and non-Muslim students at Kings today on behalf of Student Council, declaring the recent U.S. "Muslim bans" and Quebec hate attacks "horrifying and disgusting".


To Muslim students, Little says:

"I am so sorry if you are feeling unsafe or alone on campus right now. The hateful and bigoted rhetoric that has been recently legitimized is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at King’s."


"We stand in solidarity with you and will not stop fighting until each student feels embraced on this campus."


He refers to yesterday's statement of support by King's Principal, David G. Sylvester, which states that the recent executive order issued by the President of the United States to restrict the mobility of immigrants and refugees "has direct implications for how King’s supports its diverse community of students, faculty, staff, and their families and is fundamentally at odds with our mission to build bridges of understanding, to foster respectful relationships and to establish a diverse and inclusive campus community." 


Little asks those who have not been affected by the recent events to recognize their privilege.

"Please listen to the stories of those who are hurting right now. Our society is broken, and even if you do not see it, your silence maintains the status quo. Speak up and resist hateful beliefs around you."


This statement was made on the same day of KUCSC election results, as well as King's annual Cultural Festival at the Student Life Centre at 7PM, where students, faculty, and community members are celebrating their diversity.


There will also be a vigil at Victoria Park at 6PM for those wishing to stand in solidarity with those affected by the shootings at the Ste-Foy, Quebec mosque.


Counselling services at King’s: (, Good2Talk (866–925–5454), the Muslim Resource Centre (519–672–6000).