Friday, Sep 29 2023

Wake Up, Mama

Wake Up, Mama

You have just picked up your brand new sports car. 
Your best friend called, and said let's go to a bar.
You show off your new sports car to all your friends.
If you drink then drive, you'll never see them again.

But on the way home, you drove through a stop sign.
Are the many shots of liquor now distorting your mind?
All around you, there were uniforms of white and blue.

Now your drinking and driving has taken a life,
A person now grieving, no longer a husband or wife.
A family member or two no longer there. 
Do you care?

Stretching and yawning, it's four o'clock Sunday morning.
It was a dream far from a fantasy.
Wake up, Mama, wake up, Mama,
I just had a dream
About something that I hope
Is nothing more than it seems.

Mama holds you close,
Bonded by Papa's sad story.
My baby girl, my baby girl, you are wide awake and crying
About drinking and driving and dying.
Life is not easy in this world.
If something happens to you, what am I gonna do?

If you drink and drive, this could be true.