Tuesday, May 30 2023

The Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall

On a cool August day

With a grey cloudless sky

Not a person stands outside


Rabbi Grover reminisces

A treasure of a street in Toronto

Where mosques churches and temples

Stand side by side

In harmony


Surrounding Beth Tikvah is an old brick wall

With Red Writing.

A message of hate carelessly scribbled

A stencilled swastika sketched in red and black

It smells like wet paint.


Its colours seep into the warm rusty brick

So it could be a mirage that fades into the distance

Except to the careful eye of a survivor

Caught in a daze


A man who can never forget

A wind that demanded our naked bodies

With its agonizingly cold shiver

That violated the sacred souls that stood

Behind the barbed wire


On that cool summer day

A wind began ruffling through

The flags, beginning to rise


A blue star of David

And a red maple leaf

Swaying noisily beside

The warm and rustic wall