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She Called it "Love Rain"

  • 9-Nov-2014
She Called it "Love Rain"

             It started slow, with a thump, then another thump and then another. Quickly, the thumping rain became a series of pitter-patters, but that did not last long either. Then the rain came down crashing and wild and Rohan wondered if God had decided to poke holes in all the clouds for entertainment. The curtain of water so thick, it even dimmed the streetlights. The rain grew to encompass all.

             Rohan lifted his head in amazement and stared at the rain. Droplets of water came to an abrupt end on his bedroom window, only to resurrect as smooth rivulets that ran down the grimy glass in everlasting fashion. What is this? Rohan’s breath hitched and his eyes widened. His heart gave a thump and then another. He ground his teeth as his unseeing eyes searched for an answer. And then as if he had found the answer, Rohan scrambled to his feet and ran, thundering into the streets.

             Thump, thump! The rain stung as it hit Rohan in the face but he kept running. Thump, THUMP! The blood was pounding in his veins. Curling his fists he continued to pump his legs forward. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! He could no longer tell the difference between the hammering of the rain on the ground and his wild, uncontrollable heart. His clothes had plastered themselves onto his body and the wind whistled a steady hum in his ears. So this was the feeling she was speaking of all along. She had been right. This feeling can only be compared to the first rains of the Monsoon.

             “That can’t be right,” he had scorned at her every time she tried to explain why she loved playing in the rain, “How can rain remind someone of falling in love?” Now, he finally understood and he had to tell her. He had to tell Shruti that he had figured out her logic. It starts slowly, nearly unrecognizable, and then before you realize what’s happening, your whole being is soaked in Love Rain. Rohan let out a loud whoop and punched the air above his head simultaneously. Now he would win her back for sure- NO!- now he will win her love for the first time.

Written by Kajol Ratanjankar, a Section Editor for The Regis.