Wednesday, May 18 2022

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

7:00 P.M.  


I’m coming down; the hard part is almost here. My head is already pounding. It hurts so much. What happened last night?     

    My brain throbbed with constant flashbacks reminding me of the previous evening. It was filled with laughter and celebrations; my two roommates, who are an inseparable couple, were finally moving out. We decided to go down to the local pub, and, afterwards, continued drinking until the sun came up. They decided to move into a bigger home because of Benny’s new promotion. I was sure marriage would be around the corner; they’d been together for years. Myself, on the other hand, well, I couldn’t be happier. I enjoyed being single, no bitching or nagging and just because I was alone it didn’t make me lonely. I’m quite all right.  

    Benny and Crystal were so excited about moving out; they always had an eerie feeling about this house. Sometimes Crystal would even wake up screaming because her nightmares had gotten so bad.  She would dream of a tall black shadow with red saucers for eyes and teeth that looked as if they had been carved out of ivory. One time, she even swore to me that her belongings kept getting moved – she always blamed me but I reassured her it wasn’t. It made me laugh when she told these stories. 

Oh well, it was my first night alone and I decided to make the best of it with more sleep. I cracked a smile and gently exhaled the word, “freedom.”  


12:04 A.M.


I awoke from a dead sleep; the brightness of my alarm clock made my eyes feel even heavier. My room was pitch black with a hint of moonlight that crept in from my window. Lifting my exhausted body up, I reached for my cellphone, unplugging it from the charger that rested on top of the nightstand beside my bed. No text messages. I sighed, closed my eyes, and drifted back to sleep. 


1:35 A.M.


A loud bang vibrated the walls in my room. I wasn’t sure where the noise came from because my bedroom was the only one upstairs. My room was connected to a long and narrow hallway that went straight into the living room. On the left side living room, a spare bedroom branched off. The right side, there was a bathroom and a kitchen. 

    I blinked rapidly; the red numbers on my alarm clock illuminated my room. I heard the bang again.  

    The hairs on the back of my neck stood still like the dew on a frosty mornings grass. I gripped my blanket and pulled it up higher. I could tell that my door had been opened a crack thanks to the laminating red glow.

    I let my fingers reach around to find my cellphone. It wasn’t on my nightstand. 

    Then the noises started.


1:37 A.M.


I could vaguely hear what sounded as if someone was running back and forth, or maybe even in circles in the living room. I hope I locked my doors, I can’t really remember much of the night before, but the adrenaline that was pumping through my body had already cured my hangover. I glanced to the right, frantically searching for my phone. I reached for the charger and the cord dangled in between my fingers like rose vines choking an archway. There was no phone attached to it.

    I pat around my bed looking for it until I noticed the noises stopped.


Photo by Derek Boswell


1:40 A.M. 


The house was still and sickly quiet. I sat there for what seemed like hours with the blanket pulled over top of me like an invisible barrier that could protect me from monsters – but maybe that only works if you’re a child.     

    From down the staircase, a music note started to ring and it sounded oddly familiar. It was my cellphone. Another loud bang pierced my ears. Then the ringing stopped as if someone had thrown it against the wall to silence it. Am I going crazy? What is happening


1:43 A.M.


After sitting for another few minutes, I slid out of my bed and tiptoed towards my bedroom door. I closed it as quietly as I could. I then tiptoed back to my bed. I kept pinching myself to see if I was dreaming, I swear I pinched hard enough to leave bruises. Should I barricade myself in? Should I unplug my alarm clock if someone tries to come into my room and use it as a weapon? Should I turn on the lights? 

    My thoughts raced faster than a bullet. I began pinching myself even harder as I heard someone running full tilt up the staircase and stopping at the door to my room. The noise stopped again. Silence. 

    A high-pitched, hysterical laugh cackled from behind the door. It made my blood curdle. My alarm clock light mysteriously shut off, and then the door opened.