Friday, Sep 29 2023

A Preferential Option

A Preferential Option

Photo credit: @benasR on We Heart It


Gone are the days of the black and white plight that plagued the nation.

Some clever guy came up with a creation and made that grey zone

but it was still monotone

so he added a splash of colour and now we have red, blue, pink and green,

and I mean,

I'm okay with you being you,

but if all that this new system does is confuse what is what and who is who, is it better to be new?

Is chaos preferred and order deterred?

When we are all the source and summit of our own happiness, what’s left over?

Do we put people down to climb higher, when that climbing will just make us tired?

I mean, sure the view is great, but it’s lonely when you have to be the best and the only one succeeding, feeding your ego at the expense of another, our human sisters and brothers.

Does money make you happy the old saying goes,

when with it you get rid of your troubles and woes,

you fill your life with all the latest toys until the greed and jealousy destroys every relationship and you need an emotional pit stop to get them fixed because your feelings are so mixed up and you can’t tell up from down and you’re not sure if you have a friend in town.

Money makes it so you always need more and the moment you give up it shows you the door. The finite integers in your bank account do not account for your wealth,

just like the lack of a bandage doesn't account for good health.

That which is limited can never amount to the infinite One who is paramount, you were made for greatness and the infinite

all that remains is for you to reach for it.

You are not the source or summit and that’s okay because at the end of a long day you don't need that pressure.

Take heart,

have faith,

and rest reassured that the holy one takes care of it all.