Tuesday, May 30 2023

5 Delicious Downtown Eats That Won't Make You (Or Your Wallet) Cry

5 Delicious Downtown Eats That Won't Make You (Or Your Wallet) Cry

Eating is like, super awesome. Being a student with a very small budget however, is not. Cafeteria food gets old real quick, and it can be difficult to know where to go for the best food and still get the best bang for your buck, especially if you’re not from London (or not weirdly obsessed w literally stalking restaurants like I am). Here are my top 5 cheap eats that are not only delicious, but will totally keep you on budget!


Dos Tacos - Look, tacos are hella trendy right now. And like, duh? Of course they are. This new Richmond Row hot spot serves up the most delicious shrimp taco you’ve ever had in your life, and at $4 a taco, it’s no wonder this place is always buzzing with students and young professionals alike.


dos tacos image

        Via @dostacos.ca


Warehouse - This Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal/Vancouver spot has finally come to town, and with everything on the food menu coming in at $4.95 it truly makes for the IDEAL meal on a budget. The atmosphere is also to die for. Warehouse has by far the best playlists ever (a solid combo of RnB throwbacks and timeless bops), as well as the *super urban and industrial* decor. I recommend the quinoa salad, fingers and fries or the kale caesar… but literally everything is lit.  


el furniture warehouse pic

            Via @ottawawarehouse



Spaggedy Eddy’s - Do you like large portions of pasta? Do you like mysterious alleyways? Do you like history? If you’ve answered yes to any and or all of the above then congrats, I’ve got your place. Spaggedy Eddy’s is a London staple, and once you find the quirky, hole in the wall (428 Richmond St, past the gate, in an *actual* alleyway*) you’ll immediately fall in love with it’s rustic charm and MASSIVE portions of pasta for like, hellllla cheap. I’m talking giant bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo for $7.99, cheap.


spageddy eddy's img

            Spageddy Eddy’s


Campus Hi-Fi - Look, a solid hangover breakfast location is a staple in every student’s back pocket. You cannot be without a go to hashbrown haven, friends!!! Campus Hi-Fi has served as this sanctuary since 1957 #respect. With the traditional breakfast going at $5.25, it’s no wonder this place is packed every Saturday and Sunday morning.


campus hifi image

            Via @downtothecrumbs



Pita Pi - If you didn’t make it to Europe this summer (but like who didn’t???) (I didn’t) Pita Pi will make you feel as though you’ve been transported to a Greek Island, even on the chilliest of winter days. Their authentic food is packed with flavour and freshness. With most items on the menu going for under $10, it is no wonder this Richmond Row stop is creating major buzz amongst students.


pita pi london image

            Via @pitapilondon